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Fanny Rice’s art is inspired by her travels around the globe. Her work, with its fluid and textured movement, is the abstract imprint of the colorful landscapes she has experienced on her travels to places like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Denmark. Her art creates a harmonious symphony of living colors that nourishes the imagination while bringing pleasure to the eyes. Fanny’s Danish mother, herself a world traveler before settling in Canada, has been a major influence on Fanny’s art and even on her decision to take the plunge and pursue a career as an artist.


Self-taught, Fanny had the freedom to explore and experiment with different mixed-media, figurative and abstract approaches, and to develop her own signature style. Fanny is at home with the solitary act of creation. Alone in her studio, she feels at ease, and her paintings explode with vivid colors. Her work evokes the freedom and energy that flow when experiencing new and dramatic landscapes.  


Fanny’s signature style is immediately recognizable through textures, created by the layers and glossy finishes that add three-dimensionality and richness to her work. Acrylic and resin generate a palpable sense of fluidity in her artwork - making her creations both intriguing and mysterious. Rhythm directs her as she incorporates expressionistic brush work. She creates lines and shapes that get worked and reworked to eventually strike an elusive and powerful balance that she calls “surface tension.”


The first steps of Fanny’s artistic journey were deeply influenced by an overarching sensation of freedom. The wide open spaces and the chaotic power of nature she felt washing over her were reflected in the darker shades she chose for her work. Over the years Fanny’s work began to exude a sense of her newfound artistic identity and confidence. In contrast with the darker, more dramatic shades of her early period, today's work present a lighter, glowing and more diverse nature. As an artist, Fanny’s dream and her goal is to create compelling work of abstract art that engage art lovers and collectors and transport them on an energy and emotion-filed journey.


Fanny’s approach and her interests are constantly evolving. Currently, she is focusing more on themes of purity and calmness and their interplay with the powerful chaos of nature.

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